Made in Singapore #CA1


Although Singapore might be small and unrecognized by many countries abroad, it is an economic giant. Singapore is the world’s most expensive city to live in according to (

Buccaneer 3D printer by Pirate3D


A local invention that has rocked the world would be the Buccaneer 3D printer which is able to print anything you would like eg. A key chain, Lego piece and even prototypes of finished products. You could even download blueprints online to print/“make” things you’d like to see in 3D! This is one of the major inventions that had impacted the world as it amassed a crowdfund of US$1.439 million in pledges.


Touch Plus: replacing the mouse

Touch Plus



Another amazing invention from a Singaporean is the touch plus, it gives you the option to completely interact with your computers or iOS/android devices by hand gestures. This got me really amazed at it as I thought that technology like this would only be available in the next decade or so but our local Singaporean was the one who invented this which really blew my mind.


In conclusion, if I were an inventor I would really like to create something which allows us human beings to explore deeper into space such as the “Star ship: Enterprise” from the movie Star Trek as to me I feel that exploring deeper into space would reveal a whole lot more information of our universe and maybe get to discover other intelligent life forms.


AEC Week 5 Reflection

What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?


In my opinion, a good country would be one whereby its citizens are supportive of their elected government, citizens feeling safe and assured, a stable economy and government without any corruption , citizens happy with what they have and a strong defense force/army.

To me, i would consider Singapore as a somewhat “good” country. Singapore has a solid education system whereby there is meritocracy. The government will reward those who do well which encourages people to work harder and for talented people to stay in Singapore since they are rewarded that will increase the talent pool in Singapore which will contribute to Singapore’s success. In this way those who work hard are well rewarded which I find is a great way to motivate people.

Singapore has also has a governing principle “A stake for everyone and opportunities for all” whereby every citizen gets to share their thoughts and opinions on certain issues which will be valued by the government. This gives them a sense of ownership and belonging to Singapore. This i feel is a very important principle that defines us from other nations.

I feel very lucky to be born in Singapore as Singapore is one of the worlds wealthiest country and has evolved from a “kampong” to a modern society whereby there are still certain parts of the world still living in a rural setting. I also like the fact that Singapore is a multi-cultural country as we get to bond closer and understand the differences between one another and taste new food! This i find is important as different cultures does things differently and what might seem appropriate to us might not be for them. 🙂


AEC Week 4 Reflection

What is my own philosophy on migration and/or refugee issues? Why do I think the way I do?

I believe that everyone is equal and every human should be granted their own rights but everyone has different opinions and objectives.

In my opinion i would see people who are migrating as someone who finds their country not being able to cope to their stands hence they want to find a better country that can. For example, Singapore, Singapore’s education system is one of the best in Asia and parents of our neighboring find that sending their kids over here would be more beneficial to them instead of their  country’s education system.

My opinion on refugees is someone who has no choice but to flee their country or remain in their country to suffer due to perhaps war, financial instability or an unstable government.

For example, in Singapore due to the increase in foreign talents / immigrants / refugees , our local citizens are unhappy as jobs that were meant for us are being taken by them. Not only this but also the worry of security.

In conclusion yes I find that we should help them out but there must be a limit to the amount of immigrants/refugees entering our country.


DMIT Reflection Week1/2

1)What does URL stand for?

It stand for Uniform Resource Locator.


2)What is the default scheme in URL?

It is Http/Https.


3)Give an example of URL to an Image, Word Document, and music.

Music Example

Image Example



4)Referring to the figure below, after the user submitting the registration form, where is the information stored?

The information will be stored in MySQL.


5)List all the jargon with brief description you have learned.

  • Publishing a blog
  • What URL stands for
  • The default scheme of URL
  • How to take the URL from different sources




How workpress works wk3/4

What are the functions of the principal components?

The Linux operating system provides the platform for secure and reliable operation of the web server. Access to the file system is governed by file permissions and enforced by the operating system. The operating system also provides interfaces to the networks and enforces process and user security.

When a user requests a page or content from the web server, Apache receives the HTTP Request and interprets the contents. For example, Apache will determine whether a file extension has been supplies as part of the Request. If so it will determine whether the requested resource is a static items, e.g. a simple web page stored as an HTML file, or whether the requested item relates to an application, e.g. a PHP file. Depending on the complexity of the requested item, Apache may be required to locate and respond with a number of resources, e.g. the basic HTML file, CSS files, Javascript, images and other media like MP3 audio files of SWF video files. Apache determines where to locate the content based on the path specified in the HTTP Request and the file paths identified in the HTML content.

Increasingly users expect to be provided wuth dynamic content, which may be influenced by time, current events, the user’s location or personalisation. With these more complex websites, static HTML pages are largely replaced by applications. One of the most popular scripting languages is PHP and there are a wide range of applications available including content management systems (CMS) like Joomla!, forums, bulletin boards, shopping carts, etc.

For a dynamic site, the Apache web server is configured to recognise when a script needs to be run, this may be through a combination of file extensions and default settings. For example, if a website’s home page is requested and the server has PHP installed, Apache will seek an index.php file in the root directory if there is no index.html file in the website root directory. It is this mechanism which is used to initialise applications like Joomla! The PHP scripts will be used to store and retrieve information and to render the HTML page layouts for transmission back to the user’s browser by the Apache web server.


Typically a PHP website will also use a MySQL database to store content and configuration information. It is possibel to build sites where the contents are storeed in flat text files, but the use of relational databses like MySQL gives greater flexibility. The interaction between the Apache webserver and the MySQL database is handled by PHP.

An overview of A Web server


1)Explain why user could not see your blog at Task B?

All i did was to save draft and preview my blog without publishing it hence user would not be able to see my blog at Task B.

2)Explain the difference among Save as a draft, preview and publish.

Saving as draft means to save all my work.

Previewing would mean to preview all of my draft without letting other useres see my work and publishing would mean to publish what my final draft would look like from the preview i liked so others can see it as well.

3)What is the URL to your post?

4)Referring to the figure below, Where is your Post stored?

My post would be stored in MySQL

5)What is the HTML syntax for hyperlink? List three properties for hyperlink.

The HTML syntax for hyper link-<a href=”url“>Link text</a> .

The 3 properties are:

  1. Title
  2. Target
  3. Link



AEC Week 3 Money Management

My favorite video from this lesson would be from these links :

Firstly, the first link shows a video asking if I am a spender or saver. It shows a regular guy  and lady in a relationship living happily and enjoying themselves.

income – expenditure = either savings that will be deducted or leading to a debt.

But when they overspent their income they landed in a huge debt which resulted in a broken relationship that could have been easily fixed if they had dedicated at least a small sum of their annual income into a bank or into investing.

Whereby in another scenario,

income – savings = expenditure (less shopping and credit cards)

They were able to start a family and kept their happy relationship which really motivates us to spend wisely and save whenever possible.

In the second link, it really teaches us to spend within our capable means instead of overspending and leading into a huge debt that would make us bankrupt. It might not be wise to carry the latest trends and gadgets if you find it more of a want instead of a need.

In conclusion, we should really consider spending on things that would in turn be beneficial towards us instead of spoiling us to get more updated with the trends. Money Management


#Weekly Week 2 Reflection (AEC)

VIA Character Quiz

Have my parents influenced my character strengths somehow? How can I use my strengths to create the kind of society I wish to live in?



Yes they have. Through their upbringing i became someone who appreciates people for their hard work, i begin learning to be self-reliant disliking the need to depend a whole lot on someone. Receiving the care and concern from my parents made me care for my friends when in need.

Helping others has also been another one of my strengths, whenever i see an elderly cleaner having the need to reach down to pick up the litter i would usually help them pick it up instead since they are already old and having to bend down would hurt their backs which pains me to watch. Considering this fact, there are still people that would not care about these elderly and just leave their litter for them to pick it up instead of doing it themselves.