Dining in the Dark

If you’ve ever wondered how it’s like to lead your daily life (or having a meal) in complete blindness i would recommend you to come give Singapore’s Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) a go.

This was a uniquely special experience for me as i have always wondered how people who are visually handicapped continues to go on with their daily lives and why they are persistent on living. Being the curious guy i am, i have tried closing my eyes and walking around by feelings things and using my memory of certain familiar places to manoeuvre around which was really hard but i had eventually gotten a hang of it after a few bumps on the chairs and things lying around or blocking my path. This is where i feel that its nice that people have tried helping the visually handicapped by inventing things such as a walking stick or other devices such as these in the photos below that the exhibit showed us on our way out that helps the blind feel things ahead of them before continuing to walk as or visually aid them to read/study as they shouldn’t be excluded from society and have their chances of succeeding be removed. An intriguing thought that saddened me was how lonely they will feel when they get excluded from society.

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When i was being lead into the room in complete darkness with one of SAVH visually handicapped volunteers i was initially scared as i had no idea of how the room is like as i have never been in there before hence i cant count on my memory as well and its completely dark which was one of the things that impressed me as i feel that the environment for us to experience total darkness was set-up really well.

So, as i was being lead into the room the only thing i could think of was to hold onto the person tightly and to trust them to lead me to my seat as trying to look around for any obstacles ahead of me was to no avail and you would just be wasting your efforts as the room was seriously dark! After i got onto my seat the first thing i did was to feel my surroundings as we were briefed on what would be placed on the table for us and i wanted to touch them (plates, utensils , cup , tissue) and be curious and ask who’s beside me. When being served i felt bad as my class was really loud and the helper reminded us a few times that we had to keep our voices to a minimal for a fuller experience yet continued to yack away after being told.

For me i was sympathetic towards to visually handicapped and really wanted to experience how it feels like to even something simple like a proper meal so i paid close attention to my surroundings and to the bells the volunteer wore on their ankles as they were moving around the room to know when i would be served which made me appreciate how lucky i am to have all five senses to rely on and how crucial they are. I thought that the eating part for me would be slightly easy as i felt that i have eaten mostly everything on my plate however when the lights were on i was shocked to see how much food was left (quite a few bits).

To sum up my thoughts i would recommend everyone who’s fortunate to not have any disability to give this a go as you would never feel what it’s like to be put into their shoes to live life alone and in total darkness.


Red Dot Museum Reflection

While exploring the museum I was intrigued by the vast number of inventions/innovations made from people just like you and I and by slowly cruising through these ideas a few had indeed caught my eye and impressed me by how brilliant it seemed and the simplicity of it!

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The first design was the NM- Auto Tilt Shutters and Cordless Binds. I found it interesting as it was allowed for the public to “interact” with it letting us understand it better, which I find is one of the key principles in ideation and product realization as it is definitely important for user to have a sense of interface before commencing on the final stage such as building the product. It was cool as well unlike some of the other fancy products which didn’t allow interaction.

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Second design that I found interesting was the Qlocktwo Wall and Table Clock. The moment I saw it I was blown away by the minimalist looks of it, it was probably one of the coolest clock I have ever seen before. For this design I think the person was going for a never-before seen look which appeals more to a younger generation always eager for newer looks/things. Concluding to think that this product would have a more specific range of target users for examples teens to adults as I find the words might not be as easy to interpret for the elderly and that they would prefer something a lot easier to read off from.


Last but definitely not the least, was the Aqua Symphony (Overhead Shower). I choose this product as my third choice because it provides light and music effects just by turning on the shower! How cool is that? Also has a minimalist look and high functionality as though we are in a futuristic world. I think I would classify my list of products to be of a more minimalist look as current trends and genre prefer that and inventors/innovators want their products to have that simplicity and look to appeal to their target users more. Which leads to the point where I think all their designs/concept has indeed meet the needs/targeted user’s needs.

These products definitely is one that can be visually seen and touched.


Heritage Trail #CA1

For my heritage trail it was accompanied by my friends and the trail we chose was Walking in the Footsteps of our Fore mothers.

As a Singaporean,  i honestly didn’t know there such was a thing called a “heritage trail” that existed until this little trip and i was glad that i went on this trail as i feel it was kinda like giving our fore mothers the recognition they deserved. People would typically only think of our forefathers / founding fathers and relate only men to it when history is concerned because that’s what i would do. 😛 But i was wrong in doing so as or dear fore mothers also played a part in “building” Singapore. But i had no clue as to what they did and that sparked my curiosity to embark on this trial.

This trail consisted of 9 stops:

1) Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations

2) Sculpture Square (old Methodist Girls’ School)

3) Stamford Arts Centre (The Theatre Practice)

4) National Library of Singapore

5) CHJIMES (old Town Convent)

6) Singapore Management University, Lee Kong Chian School of Business (Old Raffles Girls’ School)

7) National Museum of Singapore

8) YMCA Building

9) St. Andrews Medical Dispensary (current site overlooks SMU)

When reading some of the plague boards and through the description of some websites i feel that all these women had the compassion to do whats right even when their opinions didn’t matter at that point of time as decisions were mostly made by males but yet from what I have read up on them they stood grounded to their decisions which i find was really brave.

During the trial it wasn’t easy as, you would think walking to places fairly close to one another would be easy buy no. So, in order to find these places we had to rely on Google Maps but we found ourselves having difficulty to even locate some of the places and whats worst was that for the last location of the trail the GPS location was in the middle of the road. :/

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Firstly, the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation

2nd stop was the Sculpture Square,


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it is one of the remaining last few Gothic architecture in Singapore and was used as a school back then.

3rd stop was the Stamford Arts Centre,

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The woman involved with the building is Goh Lay Kuan is closely associated with the birth of modern Singapore theatre.

4th stop was the National Library of Singapore,

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The woman involved with this building is Hedwig Anuar, she was a Pioneering librarian and women’s rights activist who was determined to build up the library’s collection and have succeeded so much whereby it started off with 1 library but has now branched off to 9.

5th stop was CHJIMES

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The woman involved with this building was Reverend Mother St Mathilde,  who in charge to guide and support and educate girls regardless of their social class. In this she taught her fellow nuns needlework whereby they were able to sell products to Chinese merchants to raise funds.

6th stop was the Singapore Management University,

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The woman involved is Maggie Lim, nee Tan. She was the first to win the prestigious Queen’s Scholarship. Whereby later on she helped to maintain supply lines to the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army and served as the Endau camp doctor.

7th stop was the  National Museum of Singapore,

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The woman involved is Han Sai Por who was one of Southeast Asia’s top sculptors.

Sai Por won the Cultural Medallion in 1995, the top prize at the 11th Triennale India in 2005 and the Outstanding City Sculpture Award in China in 2006.

8th stop was the YMCA Building,

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The woman involved is Elizabeth Choy, who was a War heroine, politician and teacher.

During the Japanese occupation she was locked in the YMCA which served as a prison for those who were suspected of being Anti-Japanese. She was slapped, kicked and spat at and electric shocked but she still chose not to confess which i really admired about as i have not heard of many stories involving a woman who chose to not betray her country.

9th stop was the St. Andrews Medical Dispensary,

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(it got relocated to somewhere else)

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In conclusion i feel that these women be it in a small/big way had both played a meaningful part in the upbringing of our nation. But if i were to choose who id admired the most it would definitely be Elizabeth Choy. I’ve watched shows whereby guards tortured people just to get information out of them and only those who stood by their core values didn’t give in. Elizabeth was tortured till an extend by electric shock whereby it had scared her for life but even then she did not reveal any information nor confess anything to the Kempeitai (Japanese military police) which really tells you something about her.

All in all this trail will indeed not be forgotten as i learned something meaningful from from it as i now know how some of our fore mothers played a part in the upbringing of Singapore. Without this heritage trial i would still be thinking it was only our fore fathers that did majority of it. And i did enjoy this trial 🙂 as i learnt to navigate using Google Maps better.



Can I Change? #CA1

A habit (or wont) is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously . (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habit)

A habit to me is something that gets to me either in a good or bad way. Normally people tend to put on habits really fast and find it hard to change later on if they wanted to unless they put in the effort. Well i too, find myself subconsciously putting on a habit which later on i regret and have to take the trouble to “remove” it. But not all habitats are bad as you have positive habits which make you stick to a routine to achieve your goals.

My MAIN bad habit would definitely be procrastinating. It was something really subconsciously picked up whereby i feel that it affects me on a daily basis and i find it really hard to kick it off. I would make excuses for myself thinking that i have like 3 hours to complete my work whereby i would go reward myself first as there would still be of time left as 3 hours is indeed a long period. But as time passes, it would be 11 pm and i have class at 8 am so i would regret it the next day when i feel sleepy.

From what i read from (http://psychcentral.com/lib/stages-of-change/), it seems that i can help myself from this habit of mine.

The six stages of the model are:

  • precontemplation
  • contemplation
  • determination
  • action
  • maintenance
  • termination

Determination: Commitment to Action

I believe that this would be the main solution to my bad habit as without commitment you are just trash talking. Like what Mark S. Gold, MD said “Commitment to change without appropriate skills and activities can create a fragile and incomplete action plan.” And i thoroughly agree with what he says, without action there’s no reaction. Hence i came out with some sort of a calendar where i can plot down which days i had a dateline for submissions and which days i would have “more” time to be enjoy life.

$5 Challenge #CA1

Before starting this $5 Challenge i knew that it would be really hard as teens these days would normally have an allowance of more than $5 as food,transportation,entertainment prices these days are really expensive. For me, a normal school day excluding transportation would already cost more than $5 just for the meal hence just having $5 a day would be unreasonable.

So i wanted to challenge myself to see if i could survive a day with just $5.

The day i tried this on was a normal weekend hence i would not need to worry about transportation costs as i would be home all day playing or doing homework!

Firstly, breakfast!


For my breakfast usually there would be food bought by my parents  hence i would not need to spend my money on anything unless i get real sick of it and wanted a change but ill also be too lazy to go downstairs to buy something to eat. 😛

Cost : $ 0

Next, Lunch!


For my lunch i chose to have Roti-Prata which comes off really cheap compared to others.

I would normally order 2 Egg Pratas and 1 Plain Prata but because of this challenge i could only afford 1 Egg and 1 Plain. A meal like this would not get me full till dinner time so i would have to wait till dinner time to actually be able to “reward” myself with something to eat.

An Egg Prata would cost me about $1.50 and Plain Prata about $0.70

Total costs so far : $2.20

Lastly, Dinner!


For my dinner i had char kway teow from Tiong Baruh Market which i find has the store which sells the best char kway teow. This is a simple meal to me as well and only costs $2.50. But if i was not doing this challenge i would be ordering the bigger portion size plate with the option of extra added eggs as i love eggs!

Hence total cost for the whole day would be : $ 4.70


In conclusion i find myself lucky as i would not have to worry about bills not being paid or having a really low allowance whereby i would have to be forced into saving every little scrap but it doesn’t mean that its not good to save up or be money wise as this challenge taught me that you do not need to have fancy food to fill up your stomach. There are people who are malnourished and yet here i am still wasting food sometimes but now and then i would and force myself to finish the food even when i am too full or when its not tasty.

Global Voices #CA1

The world is talking, are you listening? Global Voices (globalvoicesonline.org/)

The story that called out to me was : (https://globalvoices.org/2016/06/17/local-chinese-officials-promise-they-wont-let-the-yulin-dog-meat-festival-happen-this-year/)

Local Chinese Officials Promise They Won’t Let the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Happen This Year

When i saw the title mentioning about some dog meat festival it immediately caught my attention as i have witnessed videos showing cruelty towards dogs/pets in china before and reading about a Dog Meat Festival happening i was astounded.

What is this Yulin Dog Meat Festival?

Well, people in Yulin believed that if they ate dog meat which gets publicly slaughtered early in the summer they would get healthier whereby it was even supported by the government. This is really disappointing as they say “dogs are men’s best friend” but yet people in China are brutally beating them to death and eating them as a delicacy. What i find is more sickening is that these dogs were stolen from their owners and still wearing collar tags given by owners when they get slaughtered. In the video it mentioned that those who stole the dogs would not be labelled as a dog thief as the festival ends.



But there was a petition signed by 11 million people around the world handed over to the Beijing office of the Yulin city government to urge the stop of this Festival.

What does a citizen really entail?

As human beings we have already hurt the Earth way more then we can repair it but people/corporations still do not see how it is affecting us.The temperature is increasing round the world polar ice caps will melt causing an increase in sea levels whereby it might cause low-lying islands like Singapore to sink and now we are hunting down innocent domestic animals? What have we become?

I am really thankful to the person who started this petition as without it the Festival would continue. I feel that as a citizen if i owned a pet dog, i would never abuse it nor be so careless as to let it wonder outside without my supervision.


Unusual Occupations #CA1

I have watched videos documenting about unusual jobs before of other countries such as obscure stunt tester which tastes food with insects in it to see of they are tasty enough to be sold, professional snuggler which snuggles with people if they feel lonely and get paid really easily to me.But i did not know that Singapore itself has some pretty seemingly unusual jobs as well which startled me.

Below i will share with you what I find are some of the most usual jobs in Singapore.

Professional mountaineer

Firstly it would have to be a professional mountaineer. As a Singaporean it would not occur to me that anyone from my country would be that adventurous and courageous to be able to reach the summit of Mount Everest.


Jane Lee a graduate from NUS , gave up her job as Senior Executive at Republic Polytechnic’s Adventure Learning Centre to pursue her “dreams”. She was the first woman from Southeast Asia to successfully scale the Seven Summits, the 37th in HISTORY like wow only less then 40 woman have successfully scale all Seven Summits and someone from a such a small nation, Singapore has a made us proud.

10 Singaporeans With Unusual Jobs Who Earn More Money Than You

Professional poker player

This was usual to me as well as i didn’t know you could have a profession in being a poker player as i thought it was all about fun and games and in certain cases winnings but never as a job/profession.


Our local Singaporean Bryan Huang, who picked up the game of poker while serving in the military whereby it caught his interest and decided to explore deeper into it, proceeding to study accountancy. During his studies , he began taking poker more seriously that he went read up to understand its complexities.

Since then he started taking part in competitions and traveled to many countries eventually scoring big in the Caribbean, Spain and Las Vegas. And two years later, he ranked quite high whereby he was crowned “Asia Player of the Year” and is currently the highest-earning player in Singapore.

10 Singaporeans With Unusual Jobs Who Earn More Money Than You


Has Watched Everest Tonight.

As a Singaporean we were kinda “forced” to have ambitions of doctors and lawyers but i believe that we should do what we feel passionate about instead of being mainstream and leading that “typical” 8-5 working hour person. In my opinion i really admired Jane Lee as she is the 37th woman in the ENTIRE WORLD that has scaled all 7 summits AND Mount Everest this is a really big deal to me after watching the movie Everest.  In the show there were 2 team leaders who were really experienced climbers and had reached the summit of Everest many times. As they were leading the expedition,  challenges arise due to many unforeseen circumstances which happened out of no where whereby later on in the movie both of the team leaders were killed.

What this taught me was that even the most prepared people would fall and seeing our local Singaporean woman being able to scaled Mount Everest and the other 6 summits really did impact me in a way or 2 seeing how she pursued her dreams all the way.