Red Dot Museum Reflection

While exploring the museum I was intrigued by the vast number of inventions/innovations made from people just like you and I and by slowly cruising through these ideas a few had indeed caught my eye and impressed me by how brilliant it seemed and the simplicity of it!

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The first design was the NM- Auto Tilt Shutters and Cordless Binds. I found it interesting as it was allowed for the public to “interact” with it letting us understand it better, which I find is one of the key principles in ideation and product realization as it is definitely important for user to have a sense of interface before commencing on the final stage such as building the product. It was cool as well unlike some of the other fancy products which didn’t allow interaction.

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Second design that I found interesting was the Qlocktwo Wall and Table Clock. The moment I saw it I was blown away by the minimalist looks of it, it was probably one of the coolest clock I have ever seen before. For this design I think the person was going for a never-before seen look which appeals more to a younger generation always eager for newer looks/things. Concluding to think that this product would have a more specific range of target users for examples teens to adults as I find the words might not be as easy to interpret for the elderly and that they would prefer something a lot easier to read off from.


Last but definitely not the least, was the Aqua Symphony (Overhead Shower). I choose this product as my third choice because it provides light and music effects just by turning on the shower! How cool is that? Also has a minimalist look and high functionality as though we are in a futuristic world. I think I would classify my list of products to be of a more minimalist look as current trends and genre prefer that and inventors/innovators want their products to have that simplicity and look to appeal to their target users more. Which leads to the point where I think all their designs/concept has indeed meet the needs/targeted user’s needs.

These products definitely is one that can be visually seen and touched.