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Local Chinese Officials Promise They Won’t Let the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Happen This Year

When i saw the title mentioning about some dog meat festival it immediately caught my attention as i have witnessed videos showing cruelty towards dogs/pets in china before and reading about a Dog Meat Festival happening i was astounded.

What is this Yulin Dog Meat Festival?

Well, people in Yulin believed that if they ate dog meat which gets publicly slaughtered early in the summer they would get healthier whereby it was even supported by the government. This is really disappointing as they say “dogs are men’s best friend” but yet people in China are brutally beating them to death and eating them as a delicacy. What i find is more sickening is that these dogs were stolen from their owners and still wearing collar tags given by owners when they get slaughtered. In the video it mentioned that those who stole the dogs would not be labelled as a dog thief as the festival ends.



But there was a petition signed by 11 million people around the world handed over to the Beijing office of the Yulin city government to urge the stop of this Festival.

What does a citizen really entail?

As human beings we have already hurt the Earth way more then we can repair it but people/corporations still do not see how it is affecting us.The temperature is increasing round the world polar ice caps will melt causing an increase in sea levels whereby it might cause low-lying islands like Singapore to sink and now we are hunting down innocent domestic animals? What have we become?

I am really thankful to the person who started this petition as without it the Festival would continue. I feel that as a citizen if i owned a pet dog, i would never abuse it nor be so careless as to let it wonder outside without my supervision.



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