Can I Change? #CA1

A habit (or wont) is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously . (

A habit to me is something that gets to me either in a good or bad way. Normally people tend to put on habits really fast and find it hard to change later on if they wanted to unless they put in the effort. Well i too, find myself subconsciously putting on a habit which later on i regret and have to take the trouble to “remove” it. But not all habitats are bad as you have positive habits which make you stick to a routine to achieve your goals.

My MAIN bad habit would definitely be procrastinating. It was something really subconsciously picked up whereby i feel that it affects me on a daily basis and i find it really hard to kick it off. I would make excuses for myself thinking that i have like 3 hours to complete my work whereby i would go reward myself first as there would still be of time left as 3 hours is indeed a long period. But as time passes, it would be 11 pm and i have class at 8 am so i would regret it the next day when i feel sleepy.

From what i read from (, it seems that i can help myself from this habit of mine.

The six stages of the model are:

  • precontemplation
  • contemplation
  • determination
  • action
  • maintenance
  • termination

Determination: Commitment to Action

I believe that this would be the main solution to my bad habit as without commitment you are just trash talking. Like what Mark S. Gold, MD said “Commitment to change without appropriate skills and activities can create a fragile and incomplete action plan.” And i thoroughly agree with what he says, without action there’s no reaction. Hence i came out with some sort of a calendar where i can plot down which days i had a dateline for submissions and which days i would have “more” time to be enjoy life.


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