$5 Challenge #CA1

Before starting this $5 Challenge i knew that it would be really hard as teens these days would normally have an allowance of more than $5 as food,transportation,entertainment prices these days are really expensive. For me, a normal school day excluding transportation would already cost more than $5 just for the meal hence just having $5 a day would be unreasonable.

So i wanted to challenge myself to see if i could survive a day with just $5.

The day i tried this on was a normal weekend hence i would not need to worry about transportation costs as i would be home all day playing or doing homework!

Firstly, breakfast!


For my breakfast usually there would be food bought by my parents  hence i would not need to spend my money on anything unless i get real sick of it and wanted a change but ill also be too lazy to go downstairs to buy something to eat. 😛

Cost : $ 0

Next, Lunch!


For my lunch i chose to have Roti-Prata which comes off really cheap compared to others.

I would normally order 2 Egg Pratas and 1 Plain Prata but because of this challenge i could only afford 1 Egg and 1 Plain. A meal like this would not get me full till dinner time so i would have to wait till dinner time to actually be able to “reward” myself with something to eat.

An Egg Prata would cost me about $1.50 and Plain Prata about $0.70

Total costs so far : $2.20

Lastly, Dinner!


For my dinner i had char kway teow from Tiong Baruh Market which i find has the store which sells the best char kway teow. This is a simple meal to me as well and only costs $2.50. But if i was not doing this challenge i would be ordering the bigger portion size plate with the option of extra added eggs as i love eggs!

Hence total cost for the whole day would be : $ 4.70


In conclusion i find myself lucky as i would not have to worry about bills not being paid or having a really low allowance whereby i would have to be forced into saving every little scrap but it doesn’t mean that its not good to save up or be money wise as this challenge taught me that you do not need to have fancy food to fill up your stomach. There are people who are malnourished and yet here i am still wasting food sometimes but now and then i would and force myself to finish the food even when i am too full or when its not tasty.


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