Unusual Occupations #CA1

I have watched videos documenting about unusual jobs before of other countries such as obscure stunt tester which tastes food with insects in it to see of they are tasty enough to be sold, professional snuggler which snuggles with people if they feel lonely and get paid really easily to me.But i did not know that Singapore itself has some pretty seemingly unusual jobs as well which startled me.

Below i will share with you what I find are some of the most usual jobs in Singapore.

Professional mountaineer

Firstly it would have to be a professional mountaineer. As a Singaporean it would not occur to me that anyone from my country would be that adventurous and courageous to be able to reach the summit of Mount Everest.


Jane Lee a graduate from NUS , gave up her job as Senior Executive at Republic Polytechnic’s Adventure Learning Centre to pursue her “dreams”. She was the first woman from Southeast Asia to successfully scale the Seven Summits, the 37th in HISTORY like wow only less then 40 woman have successfully scale all Seven Summits and someone from a such a small nation, Singapore has a made us proud.

10 Singaporeans With Unusual Jobs Who Earn More Money Than You

Professional poker player

This was usual to me as well as i didn’t know you could have a profession in being a poker player as i thought it was all about fun and games and in certain cases winnings but never as a job/profession.


Our local Singaporean Bryan Huang, who picked up the game of poker while serving in the military whereby it caught his interest and decided to explore deeper into it, proceeding to study accountancy. During his studies , he began taking poker more seriously that he went read up to understand its complexities.

Since then he started taking part in competitions and traveled to many countries eventually scoring big in the Caribbean, Spain and Las Vegas. And two years later, he ranked quite high whereby he was crowned “Asia Player of the Year” and is currently the highest-earning player in Singapore.

10 Singaporeans With Unusual Jobs Who Earn More Money Than You


Has Watched Everest Tonight.

As a Singaporean we were kinda “forced” to have ambitions of doctors and lawyers but i believe that we should do what we feel passionate about instead of being mainstream and leading that “typical” 8-5 working hour person. In my opinion i really admired Jane Lee as she is the 37th woman in the ENTIRE WORLD that has scaled all 7 summits AND Mount Everest this is a really big deal to me after watching the movie Everest.  In the show there were 2 team leaders who were really experienced climbers and had reached the summit of Everest many times. As they were leading the expedition,  challenges arise due to many unforeseen circumstances which happened out of no where whereby later on in the movie both of the team leaders were killed.

What this taught me was that even the most prepared people would fall and seeing our local Singaporean woman being able to scaled Mount Everest and the other 6 summits really did impact me in a way or 2 seeing how she pursued her dreams all the way.



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