Made in Singapore #CA1


Although Singapore might be small and unrecognized by many countries abroad, it is an economic giant. Singapore is the world’s most expensive city to live in according to (

Buccaneer 3D printer by Pirate3D


A local invention that has rocked the world would be the Buccaneer 3D printer which is able to print anything you would like eg. A key chain, Lego piece and even prototypes of finished products. You could even download blueprints online to print/“make” things you’d like to see in 3D! This is one of the major inventions that had impacted the world as it amassed a crowdfund of US$1.439 million in pledges.


Touch Plus: replacing the mouse

Touch Plus



Another amazing invention from a Singaporean is the touch plus, it gives you the option to completely interact with your computers or iOS/android devices by hand gestures. This got me really amazed at it as I thought that technology like this would only be available in the next decade or so but our local Singaporean was the one who invented this which really blew my mind.


In conclusion, if I were an inventor I would really like to create something which allows us human beings to explore deeper into space such as the “Star ship: Enterprise” from the movie Star Trek as to me I feel that exploring deeper into space would reveal a whole lot more information of our universe and maybe get to discover other intelligent life forms.


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