AEC Week 5 Reflection

What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?


In my opinion, a good country would be one whereby its citizens are supportive of their elected government, citizens feeling safe and assured, a stable economy and government without any corruption , citizens happy with what they have and a strong defense force/army.

To me, i would consider Singapore as a somewhat “good” country. Singapore has a solid education system whereby there is meritocracy. The government will reward those who do well which encourages people to work harder and for talented people to stay in Singapore since they are rewarded that will increase the talent pool in Singapore which will contribute to Singapore’s success. In this way those who work hard are well rewarded which I find is a great way to motivate people.

Singapore has also has a governing principle “A stake for everyone and opportunities for all” whereby every citizen gets to share their thoughts and opinions on certain issues which will be valued by the government. This gives them a sense of ownership and belonging to Singapore. This i feel is a very important principle that defines us from other nations.

I feel very lucky to be born in Singapore as Singapore is one of the worlds wealthiest country and has evolved from a “kampong” to a modern society whereby there are still certain parts of the world still living in a rural setting. I also like the fact that Singapore is a multi-cultural country as we get to bond closer and understand the differences between one another and taste new food! This i find is important as different cultures does things differently and what might seem appropriate to us might not be for them. 🙂



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