AEC Week 4 Reflection

What is my own philosophy on migration and/or refugee issues? Why do I think the way I do?

I believe that everyone is equal and every human should be granted their own rights but everyone has different opinions and objectives.

In my opinion i would see people who are migrating as someone who finds their country not being able to cope to their stands hence they want to find a better country that can. For example, Singapore, Singapore’s education system is one of the best in Asia and parents of our neighboring find that sending their kids over here would be more beneficial to them instead of their  country’s education system.

My opinion on refugees is someone who has no choice but to flee their country or remain in their country to suffer due to perhaps war, financial instability or an unstable government.

For example, in Singapore due to the increase in foreign talents / immigrants / refugees , our local citizens are unhappy as jobs that were meant for us are being taken by them. Not only this but also the worry of security.

In conclusion yes I find that we should help them out but there must be a limit to the amount of immigrants/refugees entering our country.



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