#Weekly Week 2 Reflection (AEC)

VIA Character Quiz

Have my parents influenced my character strengths somehow? How can I use my strengths to create the kind of society I wish to live in?



Yes they have. Through their upbringing i became someone who appreciates people for their hard work, i begin learning to be self-reliant disliking the need to depend a whole lot on someone. Receiving the care and concern from my parents made me care for my friends when in need.

Helping others has also been another one of my strengths, whenever i see an elderly cleaner having the need to reach down to pick up the litter i would usually help them pick it up instead since they are already old and having to bend down would hurt their backs which pains me to watch. Considering this fact, there are still people that would not care about these elderly and just leave their litter for them to pick it up instead of doing it themselves.


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