#Weekly Week 1 Reflection (AEC)

What adjustments can I make in my daily life to be a better local, regional or global citizen?

As a teenager for me its the little things that counts to become a better local, regional or global citizen. Being a better local could also start from doing small things such as not littering in public places, picking up your dog litter. Being a better local could vary differently from person to person. The rich could donate whereas others could host or organize events that allow these less fortunate or disabled to visit places of interest in Singapore.

For me i would most likely partake by doing service learning by visiting old folk homes or orphanages to interact with the less fortunate and disabled. As a student we should all practice returning back our food trays, leaving classrooms at the clean state it already was. Giving our fullest participation in group activities and contributing to class discussions.


As a regional or global citizen we should just continue being the same local we were when in our country.

Overall, being a better local, regional or global citizen will benefit you in the long run as these values would already be embed into us already.


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